SMART – your advertisement!

 Don’t just tell about your product, but show it with SMART Mobile advert! 

One SMART Mobile can commute to: 

  • Billboards 
  • Mass transit ads 
  • Ads on public transports
  • Radio 
  • Magazines, Newspapers
  • TV 

SMART Mobile vehicles are perfect way how to show your product to a wider community. 

SMART advert on a roads is unique, because of their small sizes. You just can’t unsee SMART. 

Demonstration in Riga     

75,- EUR per day (planned kilometer 100 km/per day, 8 h) 

Advert material,




Minimal SMART advert package: 50 – 300 EUR

Most popular SMART advert package: 300 – 700 EUR

Unlimited SMART advert package: we are adapting to

clients desires - ? 

Coordination of advert project  

60,- EUR (in Riga with Riga City Council and VVI) in other

municipalities – on  demand  

  • Prices are shown without tax. 

Every single price for plastering SMART vehicle is being calculated individually, consuming level of difficulty for design and all necessary way of material (adhesive tape and digital print).

In advert manufacturing we are coollaborating with company – “For all tastes”.

“For all tastes” offer – layout development for design and visual adverts. Preparing for visualization. Adapting different kind of presentation materials.

Individual approach to every client, evaluating their requests by hearing out their desires.

 More info:

Mobile: +371 29994650

E-mail: royalcoffee@inbox.lv