Coffee Trade

Is there an option to run out of energy during the event?There is nothing better for freshly made coffee! We offer different kind of coffee and tea drinks, as well as cold coffee for hot summer days.
It would be our pleasure to offer you our coffee in one of the events.
Collaborating with excellent coffee. 

We are mobile coffee trade. Professional coffee machine is build into SMART vehicle, meaning to provide fresh and delicious coffee anywhere. 

Coollaboration offers for trade visits
  • City/town festivity
  • Summer festivals
  • Sport games for companies
  • Auto/moto races
  • Private parties
  • Presentations
  • Etc. 

RoyalCoffee coollaborating with italian cofee (LavAzza) offers to make an excellent coffee in different places and events.
We are not in a need of an outside communications, therefore we are able to offer our services more wider, like in a places where is no access for water and electricity. Our concept is developed that all hot drinks are prepared manual, on gas running, two group Italian professional coffee machine (Astoria Gloria Al 2). 

Price rate for our services.
  • Drink per person X 2,- EUR (min 100 cups)
  • Services of coffee master (barista) – 10,- EUR per hour (min 5 h)
Drink section includes LavAzza Take away cups, LavAzza coffee, milk, Monin syrups (caramel,hazelnut), sugar, Nesquik cocoa, Lipton teas, cinnamon.
Fuel in Riga region is included in price , outside of it – after agreement.
RoyalCoffee hot drinks:
  • Black coffee (with milk)
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Caffee Latte
  • Lipton teas
  • Nesquik cocoa
  • Hot chocolate